Grieg Investor #Wealthtech

Moving from monthly PDF reporting to a real-time, omnichannel solution.
Recognising a need to modernise the way it communicates investment information to clients, Grieg Investor engaged Noria to help create “the best solution on the market”.

The challenge

Grieg Investor is an independent institutional investment consulting practice based in Norway.

For 15 years, the company delivered information to investors by compiling investment data, performing the necessary calculations, entering information in Excel spreadsheets and sending PDF-based reports to customers once every month.

This was not a sustainable approach. A new generation of tech-savvy institutional clients have ever-increasing expectations in terms of user experience, including:

  • Real-time information.
  • Mobile-first and omni-channel communication.
  • Self-service and 24/7 access to investments.

“We aimed high and decided to create the best solution on the market.”

— Kjetil Svihus, Operations Manager at Grieg Investor.

The solution

Grieg Investor engaged Noria to transform the following:

Data aggregation and improved insights: Grieg Enigma provides clients with a daily portfolio status update on returns and allocations. Clients can quickly identify which investments contribute most to the overall portfolio returns and have full visibility of owned shares, both on an aggregated level and per fund.

Increased transparency into Grieg Enigma’s responsible investment management, based on its code of ethics.

An advanced ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) module: Clients now have access to continuous investment monitoring down to the single share, providing insight into potential exposure for controversial products or companies involved in tobacco, alcohol, weapons or gambling. Grieg Enigma also tracks clients’ portfolio carbon footprint and flags any investment at odds with the UN Global Compact.

We delivered

Strategic advisory

Business case development

Concept development

Project scoping

Improving the customer experience

Reporting solutions assessment

IT roadmap and procurement process