We specialise in digital and IT for financial services

Noria represents a unique combination of competencies with expertise in financial services, technology and design. In close collaboration with our customers, we drill down to the core of their needs to help them succeed on their digital journeys. Our dedicated project teams provide support from idea to launch to enable you to deliver real value to your end customer.

We are curious

Our culture and mission is to be, act and stay curious. After all, most of the great discoveries and inventions throughout history are the result of curiosity. The impulse to seek new information and experiences and explore possibilities is a basic human attribute, and our core value in Noria.

A curious mindset encourages us to always seek out opportunities for improvement. It makes us inquisitive and relentless in our research. It opens us up to other people's opinions about our ideas and our work. It also inspires us to develop more trusting and collaborative relationships with colleagues and clients.

At Noria we aim to bring curiosity into every aspect of our work. It reminds us to always challenge the status quo in order to deliver great projects and solutions for our customers.

We partner with ambitious brands, big and small

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop. Combining our robust software solutions platform with our trusted service offering, Noria works with fintech start-ups, mid-sized companies and established institutions in the financial services market. Working this broadly across the value chain keeps us agile and balanced in how we can best deliver value for our wide range of clients.View our solutions and services
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