Developing New Payment Solutions for the Retail industry

By: Noria, 18. July 2021

Noria Consulting helps develop next generation payment solutions for the Retail industry.

Two of Norway’s largest retailers have combined forces to establish a joint venture to meet the expectations of retail customers for modern user-friendly payment methods whilst ensuring seamless recognition of loyalty program members.


The client sought to develop a brand new, future-proof technology platform for multi-channel retail payments with associated services to improve competitive abilities and enhance customer experiences. The joint venture realized they needed assistance to manage development tasks and deliverables and to align stakeholders to mutual requirements and goals. They turned to Noria Consulting to draw on our payment expertise and project management skills.


Before our involvement, the company had already decided on a POS terminal vendor and a sub vendor to develop the POS terminal software. At the time when Noria Consulting became involved, the development project was well on its way. However, the project suffered from unclear requirement specifications and uncertainties on deliverables timelines. We implemented a system to organize requirements and deliverables with both testing and deployment activities throughout the value chain. This system helped streamline the development process to enable more efficient and trusting collaboration between the client and the subcontractors. To improve quality, we helped the client implement internal development and testing processes. Release policies and procedures were implemented across various internal teams to ensure that no deliverables were released without thorough testing.

Lastly, the client relied on Noria Consulting to manage the integration between POS systems and payment terminals. Working closely with the client, we successfully coordinated work efforts across and provided support to all stakeholders.


By streamlining the development process and increasing the trust between all stakeholders, the joint venture is now well on the way to release a brand-new industry-strength solution capable of handling millions of transactions every year.

The client’s customer is now preparing to launch and implement the payment solution across all retail stores. Noria Consulting will manage the delivery project, support user acceptance tests, and help define end-to-end processes for rollout and day to day operation.