Technology saving the day through Covid-19

18. July 2021

Marine insurers are responding to the crisis by embracing technology, but can do a lot more, suggests CEO of Noria Software, Ronny Reppe

Marine insurers have responded to the Covid-19 crisis by embracing technological innovation. From remote surveys to online medical diagnostics, drone delivery to video conferencing tech, solutions are being found to tackle many seemingly insurmountable challenges facing the industry.

But this is only a start. To help the industry shift from survival mode and return to growth, there’s a lot more that can be done in terms of digital transformation, leveraging data, automating tasks and digitizing the customer journey. In this article, I will explore some of the technologies currently in use and make the case for investment in digital transformation in a time of crisis. But first, let’s examine the results of a recent survey to understand the specific challenges faced by the industry.

“Marine insurers are addressing the problem of travel bans or restricted access to quarantined ships by carrying out remote ship surveys. This method of surveying was becoming increasingly popular even before the pandemic.” — RONNY REPPE, NORIA SOFTWARE