Loadsure #insurtech

Building a fully digital insurance solution that reduces claims processing from days to hours
“Radically simple, lightning-fast”

Instant delivery

With the slogan “Radically simple, lightning-fast”, Loadsure delivers per-load coverage for brokers, shippers and carriers in an instant by harnessing predictive analytics, AI technology and big data.

Loadsure engaged Noria to design and build a one-click solution that integrates with freight platforms to deliver an end-to-end solution. The data-driven online claims process accelerates most claims settlements from days to hours.

The end result is a revolutionary #insurtech experience with intuitive interfaces, faster processes, and per-load insurance costs cut by up to 5x for customers.

Today, Loadsure is valued at over 50 million Norwegian kroner and backed by strong investors and an advisory board including senior executives from Lloyds.

Our deliveries

Digital strategy

Business analysis and solution design

Design sprint and prototyping

UX & Design

Software development & delivery

API integration

IT, hosting & support

Data analysis & predictive model building

App development


Project & quality management

Financial model and capital advisory

The design sprint

Loadsure sought a proof of concept to test their digital attacker before incurring the cost and risk of technical development.

Noria’s digital transformation team used a design sprint approach to help Loadsure move from an abstract idea to storyboard the solution, build a prototype, and gather feedback from the market in under two weeks.

The design sprint involved:

  1. Defining the problem and framing the opportunity.
  2. Capturing high-level business requirements.
  3. Developing the (radically simple, lightning-fast) concept.
  4. Mapping the customer journey and defining the MVP.
  5. Storyboarding the solution’s key features and functions.
  6. Building a clickable prototype and mock user interface
  7. Testing the prototype on real users and documenting the results.
  8. Gathering input on the first version of Loadsure’s website/company profile

Enabling lightning-fast claims handling

Loadsure’s competitive advantage comes from its cutting-edge digital claims handling focused on simplicity and speed.

Noria developed a claims process that:

Settles and compensates simple claims within hours of submission.

Enables expedited case management for more complex claims.

Is a fully digital omnichannel solutions that customers can manage from anywhere.

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