Radical digitalisation of the credit process in corporate banking

Radical digitalisation of the credit process in corporate banking

DNB Corporate Banking offers a full range of financial services, cash management and trade solutions.

DNB engaged Noria to radically automate and digitise the corporate credit process to create one of the most advanced digital solutions in EMEA corporate banking.

Noria built a multidisciplinary team for this exciting digital transformation project including UX designers, business analysts, project managers and test managers.

Outcomes for DNB’s customers were an improved customer experienced, improved time-to-market and an increase in self-service. The bank itself benefitted from an improved workflow, reduced losses and a lift in quality and productivity in credit management.

What did we create?

Credit Manager: A new digital interface for clients to view, request and manage their credit products with the bank.

Portfolio management and approval tool to better process and manage credit cases.

Digital credit paper tool to automatically aggregate, simplify and document credit cases.

A new financial modelling and forecasting tool to gather and simulate forecasting for clients.

An advanced early warning credit scoring solution to red-flag credit issues by gathering key data from multiple sources including transaction data.