Mybank #fintech

Smart and simple: Transforming the end-to-end digital banking solution
Simplicity works.

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Noria Digital placed simplicity at the heart of our solution for MyBank, a Norwegian retail bank headquartered in Oslo. Our specialised banking team built a digital strategy to boost sales in the fintech’s core product offering by optimising the end-to-end process; not only for MyBank’s customers, but for the bank itself.

The results? A transformed digital experience for customers, faster processing, increased accuracy, improved service levels and a great-looking digital presence.

Website and loan calculator

There’s little point in having a catchphrase like “Banking Made Simple” if your website is cluttered and confusing.

MyBank engaged Noria to develop a super-simple, highly responsive website that took a zero-fuss approach to communicating the bank’s core offering to its customers, partners and investors.

Noria’s banking specialists also built a loan calculator that lets potential customers see at a glance how much they could save per month by refinancing their loans with MyBank.

Fast and user-friendly online applications

When it comes to handling loan applications, MyBank is impressively fast. In fact, this is one of the key differentiators that gives MyBank its competitive edge.

Noria helped MyBank create this edge with a fast, simple and user-friendly online application form for its loan customers.