Building a new digital attacker in the Nordic insurance market

To support the launch of Nord Insuretech Group’s distributed digital insurance offering, Noria was engaged to create the new brand, profile and identity for Nord. With the branding, websites, and mapping the customer journeys for Nord’s white-label partners.

The challenge

Nord Insuretech Group and Nord Forsikring (known collectively as Nord) deliver next-generation integrated insurance via digital channels in the Nordic region. Nord uses an “insurance ecosystem” or partnership strategy wherein partners sell Nord’s insurance via a white-label approach that results in a frictionless customer experience for users. That is integrated and gives a great customer experience.

To support the launch and help attract partners into Nord’s insurance ecosystem, Noria was approached to create new branding, new websites, a flexible, digital platform, and define the customer journey mapping and partner integration. Making an end to end solution from cutting edge onboarding and the end to end journey.

Nord uses Noria’s PARIS end-to-end insurance solution.

The solution

Beginning with a design sprint and brand sprint, Noria undertook the following work for Nord:

Brand development: Noria’s team (including a strategic designer, two UX designers, a brand consultant and a project manager), used Noria’s design and brand sprint processes to create a new identify, name, logo, colour palette and typography, image and brand guide for Nord.

Websites working jointly with the client through our design sprint we designed the new two new websites for Nord: and

Promotional video: To help promote Nord’s new offering we created the following infomercial to define the product offering:

Customer journey mapping: Noria created different customer journeys that vary depending on Nord’s white-label partners. Some might sell insurance via a member portal, while others do so from an open website. Clients range from large retail players, membership-based organisations, to large corporates looking to embed insurance in there offering.

Customer support: We worked with Nord’s customers to help develop the customer journey and UX. With clickable prototypes they could see how the customer journey will work. We also worked closely with Nord’s partners to align, the technology and design requirements.

Noria’s solution has enabled Nord to move forward with establishing partnerships for its insurance ecosystem strategy. When approaching potential partners, Nord uses its new brand, website, infomercial and other marketing assets (including Noria’s customer journey explainers) to show what the service will look like.

“There’s no doubt that the work Noria has done for Nord in creating these tools and marketing assets helped us win new partnerships. Noria’s customer journey mapping gave us the confidence that all systems were ready to go when we launched our offering to the market.”

— Frank Rosenfors, CEO at Nord Forsikring and CTO at Nord Insuretech Group

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