Pareto Bank #fintech

Building a cutting-edge, end-to-end corporate banking solution with Noria’s PARIS platform.
Cutting edge solutions

With one of the lowest cost-income ratios and highest ROE amongst European Banks, Pareto Bank specialises in financing projects and investments within real estate, securities, shipping and offshore.

Noria was engaged to assist Pareto Bank move into the small- to medium-size corporate market with a fully digital working capital solution. We worked closely with the client from the pre-project phase to development and launch.

As part of its delivery of an automated digital solution, our banking team designed and developed:

  • A simplified client onboarding solution
  • Data collection tools
  • Credit assessment tools
  • An integrated end-to-end approach to payout
  • A unique Application Programming Interface (API) solution for all the relevant stakeholders and actors on the Norwegian Market.

Leveraging Noria’s PARIS Core System

Noria’s core system PARIS (Policy and Reinsurance System) was leveraged for this project. With over forty years of development and investment, this modern platform provides the modules and framework for fully configurable digital projects, deployable on-premises or in the cloud. PARIS provides Pareto Bank with confidence, stability, reduced time-to-market and lower investment requirements.

Deliverables for Pareto Bank

Scoping the project

Business analysis


Business requirements


API integration

Customer portal

Back office system

IT project management

Full stack IT with maintenance and support.

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